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We've wined and dined and put on the pounds to find you the best food experiences.

From kaffir lime leaves to lemongrass and coriander to coconut milk, Thai cuisine is synonymous with a rainbow of flavours that liven the senses and leave you yearning for more. Head to Phuket for the rich taste of locally farmed cashew nuts crushed into curry and mixed through the exotic vegetables of a tropical climate. Or for something a little more daring, hit the bustling night markets of Bangkok and cross the cultural divide with delicacies beyond your wildest imagination. It’s time to discover why this cuisine’s been transported to every corner of the globe. Let your taste buds be taken away by Thailand.  
Originally renowned for its unique twist on Asian cuisine, with favourites like nasi goreng and sate lilit, Indonesia is now more commonly known as a cultural melting pot that encompasses every flavour of the globe. Highlights include Sea Circus in Seminyak for spicy prawn tacos & guava margaritas; Sip Wine Bar in Kuta for escargot and Sautéed creamy duck; Sami Sami at Ayana Resort, Jimbaran Bay for antipasti and wood fired pizza; and Café Lotus in Ubud for traditional Balinese fish steamed in a banana leaf and Bali Moon Coconut cocktails. Welcome to the wonderful world of culinary discoveries in Indonesia.  
Time and time again, visitors to Vietnam name this the best cuisine on the planet. Seafood straight from the ocean, herbs of coriander lemongrass and mint and a rainbow of fresh produce make sampling this countries delicacies a pure delight. The Vietnamese put great importance on their health, with meals being composed on the principle of yin and yang, achieving a balance aligned with the needs of the body. For a great foodie experience, take a day trip from Ho Chi Minh City to the Cai Be floating food markets on the Mekong Delta. In Hanoi, visit the Blue Butterfly Cooking Class and try your hand at meals like green papaya salad and rice paper rolls  
Cook Islands
The Cook Islands are the perfect place to lap up everything that’s wonderful about island cuisine; year round exotic fruits, a plethora of wild caught critters from the sea, and the sweet flavours of coconut milk. Think raw yellow fin tuna with paw paw salad with a sweet coconut bun for dessert. For something out of the ordinary try “umukai” a traditional feast from an underground oven, or for something more lavish mosey over to Sails Brasserie & Bar at the Rarotonga Sailing Club and indulge in 5 star dining with flavours from right across the globe.  
Malaysian has been a little late in hitting the dining scenes of Western countries, but it’s making up for lost time and fast becoming one of the most talked about cuisines around. With dishes like jack fruit coconut curry, curry laksas and the moist bread of roti canai, Malaysian cuisine is truly delectable. George Town on the Island of Penang is notorious for its heavenly street food, while Kota Kinabalu’s Waterfront Esplanade offers alfresco dining with international flair. To truly uncover the flavours of Malaysia, be experimental and a little bit brave.  
There’s a reason why most of us know how to say the words “cheese” and “wine” in French, and it’s the fact that France boasts the very best of both. Producing over 7 billion bottles of wine per year from over 2 million acres of vineyards across the country, France is undeniably a wine capital of the world. From a creamy camembert to a rich rocamadour, spend days exploring countless fromageries in Paris like Fromagerie Lefèbvre or Barthelemy fromagerie. Beyond the wine and cheese, devour infamous Parisian delicacies like escargot (snails) and cuisses de grenouilles (frogs legs). When it comes to eating and drinking in France, it’s all about decadence.  
Mediterranean cuisine has long been praised for its perfect balance of health and flavour. With rich salty olives, grilled eggplant, fetta and full bodied, natural oils that make your skin glow and your hair shine, a trip to Greece will leave you feeling intensely satisfied without the extra 3kg of baggage around your waistline. Out to sea, you’ll find the dreamy islands of Santorini and Mykonos overflowing with wild caught seafood nfused in citrus, on the mainland, Athens is the place for authentic souvlaki doused in tzatziki.  
Bocconcini pizza, pesto pasta and sweet pistachio cannoli – there are very few people whose mouths don’t water over Italian cuisine.  Head to Venice to devour regional favourites like polenta, seafood, grilled meats and risotto. In Rome, enjoy the simple pleasures of gnocchi, bruschetta and saltimbocca veal. If you’re partial to the odd drop of wine or two, Italy is beckons you. Take in the geometric elegance of rolling vineyards with a day trip to Naples or Tuscany, stopping sporadically to taste what their vines have produced.  
Tapas - one of the greatest culinary inventions of mankind. Chorizo cooked in cider, stuffed mussels and herb coated olives; in Spain, the birthplace of the tapas concept, a tapestry of flavours is on offer and you can experience them all in one glorious sitting. If sharing’s not your thing, national dishes should leave you deeply satisfied with worldwide favourites like seafood paella. Both Barcelona and Madrid dish up a tasty blend of traditional and modern dining options that cater to all walks of craving, budget and dining requirement.  
Westerners have been exploring the depths of Chinese food for centuries, but this is a cuisine best served up in the country itself. From street food in Shanghai to high class dining in Beijing, every meal is sure to impress. Local favourites include steamed hairy crab, succulent peeking duck and fish skin soup. In China, the more adventurous travellers will reap the culinary rewards, so be brave and delve well beyond the delectable dumpling.