How Do I Contact Creative Holidays?

Phone: 1300 747 400

Creative Holidays callcentre hours are (AEST):
Monday to Friday, 9am - 6:00pm
Saturday, 9am - 2pm
Sunday, Closed

Can I change my booking?

To make changes to your booking please call Creative Holidays Contact Centre on 1300 747 400 and quote your booking reference. The conditions on the items booked may restrict your changes.

Amendments and cancellations to your booking may attract fees.

What confirmation will I have of my booking?

You will receive an email confirming your booking. Attached to this will be an itinerary and your travel vouchers if required. You will need to take both of these items with you on your travels.

Who debits my credit card – Creative Holidays or the hotel?

Your card will be debited by Creative Holidays. The charge will appear on your statement as Creative Holidays. There may be a slight delay in this appearing on your statement, depending on your bank.

Once I arrive can I extend my stay?

Yes, please call our Contact Centre on +61 8 9210 0488. However, be aware accommodation and flights may not be available or, if they are, they may not be available at the same price.

I don't have an Australian passport, can I still book with you?

Yes, you can certainly still book with us. However visa and passport requirements are your own responsibility.

Is my credit card secure on your site?

Yes, we have adopted appropriate security features in order to protect and keep secure personal information from loss, misuse, alteration or destruction.

We regularly review our security and encryption technologies and strive to protect personal information to the highest level possible. Please see our Privacy Policy link on the bottom of each page for further information.

What currency are the prices listed in?

All prices are listed in Australian Dollars unless stated otherwise.

At what stage will I know my booking is confirmed?

Your booking is confirmed once your credit card details have been entered and you have an email itinerary. You will also then receive an email confirming your reservation.

I lost connection as my card details were being processed - was the payment accepted?

Call to speak with our Contact Centre on 1300 747 400 if you are unsure whether your payment was processed or not.

I want to cancel my booking, how do I do this?

If you need to cancel your holiday please call our Contact Centre on 1300 747 400. The hotel, tour, transfer or flight provider's cancellation fees will apply. In addition to the product or service provider’s cancellation fees, Creative Holidays will charge a service fee.

I don't have a credit card - can I pay the hotel on arrival?

No, in order to secure your booking at the advertised price you must pay for it at the same time as making a booking.

Do I have to pay for my booking immediately?

Yes, in order to guarantee the price and availability of your booking you will need to pay by credit card immediately.

Do I need travel insurance on a domestic booking?

We recommend that you purchase travel insurance each time you travel.

Travel insurance is highly recommended in order protect you and your valuables at the very least for cancellation fees.

What is included in my room rate - is breakfast included?

Meal inclusions vary between hotels. When making a booking, inclusions are listed under the "details" heading, next to the price. Inclusions will also be listed on your documentation.


How do I make seat and meal requests? Are these requests guaranteed?

Some airlines will allow you to make a seat and meal request (if your flight service offers a meal). These requests must be made with the airline directly and are not guaranteed.

I will need special assistance, how can I organise this?

The airline can help you if you need a wheel chair or some other special service. Please call the airline directly to arrange.

Do I need to re-confirm flights?

It is not necessary to reconfirm Virgin Blue or Jetstar flights if you have already provided contact details of your origin and destination. If you do wish to check that your flights are departing on time, contact the airline directly.

What form of ID do I need to check in with?

On all domestic flights you will need to check-in with photo ID eg licence, passport. International flights require: a valid passport which matches 100% with the name each of the ticket holder. The passport must have at least six months validity on it after the projected date of your return flight. Some destinations require a visa for entry and proof of a hotel booking or enough money to support yourself for the duration of your stay.

Can I use frequent flyer points to pay for my flights?

No, frequent flyer points can only be redeemed directly with the airline.

Where do I advise my frequent flyer number?

Please call the contact centre on 1300 747 400 or the airline directly to advise your frequent flyer number.

Are the departure and arrival times local time in that destination?

Yes, the flight times you are given will be the local time at that origin or destination.

How do I book an infant? What ages do you class infants and children to be?

When making a flight search you must enter the number of children and infants travelling with you. Children 2 years and over will have a seat of their own. Infants under 2 years will share a seat with an accompanying adult.

How do I book an unaccompanied minor?

Unaccompanied minors must be booked directly with the airline.

I've received my e-ticket and realised there is a spelling error – what should I do?

Yes, the name on your e-ticket must match the name on your photo ID (eg licence or passport) or the airline will deny you boarding. In most cases on domestic and international flights, airlines will NOT allow name changes. Please call our Contact Centre on 1300 747 400 for more information.

How much baggage can I take? What can I take in the cabin?

This depends on the class of travel you have booked and the airline you have booked with. In economy class you are permitted to check-in 1 piece of luggage up to 20kg, and carry on luggage is limited to 7kg. For further information including baggage dimension restrictions please contact the airline.

Hotels, Transfers & Tours

Should I include my infant/child in the search criteria?

Yes, include all children and their ages when searching for a hotel. The system will display hotels with rooms that will allow for the number of travellers to be accommodated. The rates are calculated based on children sharing a room with adults, in existing bedding.

I have lost my voucher/itinerary, can I get a replacement?

Please call our Contact Centre on 1300 747 400, or if overseas +61 8 9210 0488 and if possible they will email a copy to you.

Can I change the room type or number of people in my party?

To make amendments to your reservation please call our Contact Centre on 1300 747 400. Any amendments you make to your booking will incur an amendment fee. If the change constitutes a cancellation of the room, the hotel may also charge a cancellation fee.